Processed MessagesΒΆ

The Frank!Framework operates by processing messages. In section Adapter Status, you learned that receivers receive messages, which are then processed by adapters. Adapters often send messages to external systems or queues. The Frank!Framework sometimes saves copies of these messages. Messages are stored in three kinds of containers: Message Logs, Message Stores and Error Stores. In this section you learn the purpose of these containers and you learn how to browse and manage them.

You will study processed messages using an example that is shipped with the Frank!Runner. Please prepare yourself as follows if you want to do this tutorial:

  1. In the file within your frank-runner directory, put the following line:

  2. Ensure that other lines starting with project.dir are removed or commented out with a # sign.

  3. Restart the Frank!Runner.

You will study each type of storage for processed messages in turn. Here is the table of contents: