Operator manual

This chapter is written for operators of the Frank!Framework. This chapter does not require prior knowledge of the Frank!Framework. In particular, you can read it without first reading chapters Getting Started or Testing Frank Configurations.

The Frank!Framework can be used to quickly build enterprise applications. It offers building blocks that can be glued together by writing XML configuration files and property files. These Frank configurations are typically written by Frank developers, who offer them to you as a site owner. As a site owner, you should monitor whether your site is running properly. If there are troubles, you will be the first to notice and you may have to do something.

This chapter presents the Frank!Console, the graphical user interface that will support you. The Frank!Console offers you a dashboard that shows the status of all Frank configurations. You can use the Frank!Console to track errors and to fix them. You also use the Frank!Console to load Frank configurations, or new versions of Frank configurations, into the Frank!Framework. Next, you learn how to schedule tasks to be executed periodically. Then you learn how to control disk space usage. Finally, there is a section on managing messages flowing through your configurations.

Here is the table of contents: