Testing Frank Configurations

This section is about testing Frank configurations. There are two tools to do this, Ladybug and Larva. These tools have been introduced in Getting Started. You can study Ladybug without studying Getting Started before.

Larva and Ladybug can be found as follows:

  • Open the Frank console in your webbrowser. The URL depends on the way your Frank has been deployed. If the Frank!Runner is used, it is just http://localhost.

  • In the left-hand menu, click “Testing” as shown:


Larva is intended for Frank developers who want to test functionality in the development environment or the test environment. It provides a simple programming language in which tests can be scripted. Ladybug is intended for the acceptance environment or the production environment. If you run an adapter, a report appears in Ladybug. You can capture this report to be executed later. Ladybug also provides features to organize captured test reports.

Here is the table of contents of this section.