As said in Introduction, this subsection walks you through setting up your environment. You need this environment to follow the instructions of the proceeding sections. Feel free not to follow the instructions and just read along. In that case, you do not need this environment and you can skip this section.

Here are the instructions:

  1. If you already did tutorial Getting Started, proceed to step 6. Your instance directory is Frank2Manual in this case and your configurations come in Frank2Manual/configurations.

  2. Otherwise, install the Frank!Framework using the Frank!Runner, see

  3. Create a directory for your instance. The last component of the path will be the instance name. Instance names should begin with Frank2, expressing that you are frank, open about your work. The word coming after Frank2 should begin with a capital.

  4. Within your frank-runner directory, create file Fill it like explained in the README file of the Frank!Runner to reference your instance.

  5. Give your instance directory a subdirectory configurations.

  6. Download ladybug.

  7. Unzip this file into your configurations directory. Your files should appear in a directory configurations/ladybug. Here is the directory tree you should have now:

    |- configurations
       |- ladybug
          |- Configuration.xml
  8. When you work under Windows, you need Postman. Install it from Note that only one of the proceeding subsections requires you to use Postman. You can do the rest of this tutorial without.

  9. When you work under Linux, you need curl. If you do not have curl, there is one section you cannot do. The other sections do not require curl.